Sutros Acrid Tongue cassette

Debut full-length recording from this San Francisco-based, somewhat uncategorizable power trio. It’s rock’n’roll, it’s noise rock, it’s no wave, it’s garage rock, it’s psychedelic rock, it’s post-punk. Whatever aforementioned subgenre you most identify with, chances are you’re gonna hear something you like within these eight tracks. Everything about this is really well done. Recording sounds super pro, tapes look and sound great. These are clearly some dudes that know how to play their damn instruments. There are admittedly moments where the length of the songs starts to weigh on me a bit, and a couple times through the album, the wild, out-there licks start to enter an almost free jazz territory, which my little brain has trouble fully wrapping itself around, but these are merely minor personal preference points, nothing inherently bad. I mostly think this is a really killer album and wouldn’t be surprised if it were to get the vinyl treatment at some point down the road.