Benzoate Rival Executioner EP

I have never been prone to pogoing, not even as a teen, the period of your life when it can still be adorable to bump into people at gigs (when you reach 40 it is just embarrassing, and besides, you probably have a bad back these days). Arguably, it is because I have always had the energy level of a dead shrimp. But as I listened to BENZOATE, for a minute I could picture myself wearing my old tartan trousers, dusting off my “Oi!” badge, and just going for it at the front of the gig where wild things are. BENZOATE is from Malaysia and has been going since 2009. I had never heard of them, but it is hardly surprising since I don’t really listen to the pogo punk side of UK82 punk bands and generally do not bother to go too much out of my way to really dig new bands of this obedience. But it is a very enjoyable EP indeed. I can hear some vintage ’80s British punk rock bands like LAST RITES (when they go faster) and the EJECTED (when they lie more toward the fun and boisterous side of the genre), but I am also reminded of ’90s Japanese bands like DISCOCKS and the BOLLOCKS blended with the fast and snotty sound of GERM ATTACK. BENZOATE keeps it raw, energetic, and just plain honest and genuine. And you’ve got the compulsory sing-along choruses to cheer you up and make you smile on your way to your shitty job, and sometimes that’s what you need.