Boothaeven’s Magazine #5

  • Pages 52 pgs
  • Price €6
  • Reviewer Kristof Mondy
  • Issue MRR #453 • February 2021

Boothaeven’s has that very specific cut and paste layout. Now don’t go categorizing—Lowie is the best at this style, he mastered the cut and paste! So you get a full sized zine, black and white (and I really mean high-contrast black and white, there’s no grey in here) cut and paste. It’s great! Content-wise you get interviews with Vanguard, Invunche, Raw Brigade, Crucified, Phantom Lure and Headsplit Records. So the content ranges from black metal to dungeon synth to NYHC in a Belgian way and militant vegan HC. It’s safe to say the content is as eclectic as the zine looks and I mean that in every positive way!! All interviews make for a good read (Lowie’s questions go deeper than just “introduce yourself,” it’s about the persona and his/her personal beliefs, plus Lowie is not afraid to question certain answers!), the reviews are hilarious (that intro alone: “I reviewed eleven albums and then I got tired of reviewing albums and went to sleep” come on people, there can be a joke, right?) and the writing… The writing is essential, buddy—something about compilation CD/tape/LPs, another about how someone bought his first comp based on an ad in the late ’90s, and another is a nicely written top five of best comps around. Damn, I love this zine in every way! I buy this one without even checking the content.