DisturbancE Oct. 2019

DisturbancE. With a capital D and E for Delaware. A local scene zine, with a classic off-center cover and the photos, interview and reviews you’d expect. Well done and essentially perfect for what it is. DIY till I die production value. Good fun photo layout inside, and well balanced with a decent interview with Erin Silva of Eyebawl and a couple good reviews, including Eyebawl and Merger. Throw in a “know your rights” page, and a few ads for local record shops and labels and you’re set! Good to see what’s up in Delaware though, a solid scene report. Checked in on DisturbancE now and they’ve put out their last issue in February, contributors are still active in zines in Delaware, developing zine libraries and distros. Look forward to seeing more zines and music from them!