Not Like You photo issue #2 / photo issue #3 / issue #8

  • Pages 40 pgs (#2 & #3), 52 pgs (#8)
  • Price $4 (#2), $3 (#3), $10 (#8)
  • Reviewer Kristof Mondy
  • Issue MRR #453 • February 2021

So, you have the photo issues 2 and 3—those are spin-off zines from the regular Not Like You zine. Let me start with the photo issues. Both the covers are full color, the inside is black and white. Issue 2 is full-sized while issue 3 is half-sized. I don’t like the different formats. My collecting self wants these on the shelf, next to each other, same size… Now I’m definitely a fan of photo zines but this one just doesn’t do the trick. Pictures are static and don’t really capture the atmosphere. I miss the energy of a live show. There are a couple of cool shots of Agnostic Front, Fugazi, Avail, DOA and Night Birds but these just drown in a basic lay-out or are covered with a pixilated logo of the band. I really want to support these kind of zines but then please look at other great publications like Inferno Photozine. As for the regular zine, this is a full-sized, properly printed magazine. I really like this format, I like the way Not Like You combines (old school) skateboarding with hardcore punk music and art. What I don’t really understand is the outcome. I found myself flipping through this one multiple times, just to find the beginning and the end of the different interviews. There’s no header to each separate interview, there’s no difference between question and answer and there’s no whitespace before a new question… My autistic brain can’t really handle this. But, I did like the piece on Todd Youth (RIP). And I did like a lot of the pictures in this issue!