Punk Life vol. 26 issue #50

Punk Life is a zine dedicated to DC hardcore, founded in 1992. 26 years is a pretty good run, and this was the Anniversary issue. It is almost wrong to say this issue is a DC hardcore zine though; the author brings up the Stone Roses, Lamb of God and the Beach Boys, and just muses on politics and record shopping before going in on the thought of celebrating a birthday in Vegas on the anniversary of the 2017 shooting. I didn’t walk away with an expended knowledge of DC hardcore, but after 26 years I guess you can do whatever you want. It is concise and stays entertaining by not lingering on one thing too much, with a blend of personal insights and musical hot-takes that are relatable in an over-the-top punk way. Couldn’t find what they’re up to now, but they were a part of this now-defunct radio project Dissonance ( that’s worth searching up.

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