3D & the Holograms


3D & the Holograms 3D & the Holograms LP

Man, I’m sure someone out there is going to read this and consider it blasphemy, but my first thought upon hearing 3D & THE HOLOGRAMS’ self-titled release was “this is what GG ALLIN wishes he had sounded like.” Rock’n’roll chaos that is as brutal as it is catchy. There’s no build-up or warning. Once you hit play, you’re immediately thrown into the tornado of sound. Much like a caffeine-induced panic attack, you feel trapped. The walls are closing in around you and there is no escape. However, you find yourself enamored with this unadulterated fear. You embrace it. You crave more. But with a blink of an eye, it’s all over. Fantastic stuff here.

3D & the Holograms VR Execution EP

Sydney larrikins Billy (from RESEARCH REACTOR CORP.) and Ishka (from SATANIC TOGAS or TEE-VEE REPAIRMAN or SET-TOP BOX or every other band in Sydney) virtually team up with JJ from Olympia, WA’s the GOBS to bring you four tracks of the fucked punk you’d expect from this lot. With Billy on vocals, it’s gonna be hard for this thing to not sound like RESEARCH REACTOR CORP., but this stuff is faster, more full-on, and slightly less cartoony…for the most part. The first three tracks are drum machine punk takes on the REATARDS or PERSUADERS. It’s really good shit—some of my favorite tunes these dudes have cranked out, particularly “Projection.” Then there’s “MS-DOS,” which is the same type of stuff, but in more of a rubber band-y Sega Genesis (or, for the non-US world, Mega Drive)-rock vein. It’s borderline too silly, but I love these dudes too much to be that bothered by it. Cool record! Apparently, an LP is just over the horizon, to, so be on the lookout for that!