76% Uncertain


76% Uncertain Nothing But Love Songs LP

One of Connecticut’s finest thrash bands pops up LP #2 full of whirling hardcore that packs an introspective message. Both celebrating the positive notion of the underground and also pointing a finger at its failures. Musically, it’s a little more melodic this time, something like the catchiness of the DESCENDENTS. A must.

76% Uncertain Gitargodz Suk Tour ’85 cassette

This blazing 20-song cassette was recorded live on the band’s summer tour, and features a well-rounded sampling of the band’s old and new material—with a vast majority to be released. Production and mix are clear, and holds a hard edge which adds that great “live” feel to the band’s music and vocals. Recommended.

76% Uncertain Estimated Monkey Time LP

Former members of CIA and REFLEX FROM PAIN combine to form a new band with a sound that reminds me somewhat of DIE KREUZEN. Bones’ vocals are intense and backed up by a very tight sort of medium-paced thrash that’s delivered with power and hooks. Definitely recommended.