Abuso Demo 1988 EP

I absolutely love it, but self-reflection indicates it might be the peak of human consumerism to press old hardcore demos to vinyl. I love this era of Mexican punk; many great recordings were made there between 1988 and 1990. One common thing was that almost all of the bands had super tight, dense, almost robotic constant beats and hecticly played back-and-forth riffs. ABUSO fits into this mold, yet their anger makes them unique and it makes me appreciate their scene. This does not mean you will hear anything you cannot imagine or have not heard before. But it’s honest, entertaining hardcore that makes you feel like you’re in a rehearsal room with the band. Despite how adolescent it sounds, the vibe of the record still carries importance. Due to recording and equipment quality, the demo (probably) sounds rougher than they might have wanted it, but it provides a great mask for the slower, plain parts of the record. Nothing revolutionary here, but it’s a great addition to the already impressive history of Mexican punk.