Active Minds


Active Minds Religion Is Nonsense 10″

How appropriate that ACTIVE MINDS have a review in the final print issue of MRR, as a band that seem to have been flying the flag for DIY punk and hardcore almost as long as the mag has been around (or at least as long as I remember!). This is just the latest in a vast discography of fiercely political hardcore punk in a variety of guises, whether DISCHARGE worship or melodic LEATHERFACE type fare, but always with a message first and foremost. Several of the songs on this record are based loosely around the titular theme of religious hypocrisy and exploitation of children. Did I mention it comes wrapped in a printed ACTIVE MINDS patch?! It really does my heart good to know that these folk are still at it, still active.

Active Minds You Can Close Your Eyes to the Horror of Reality… EP

One of the best EPs I’ve heard in awhile. Raging and enraged UK political thrash on one side, like CRASS meets old DISORDER and DRI. Side one consists of about a half-dozen rippers and rants, while the flip is one long song that goes through many changes/styles. Comes with insert and record want list!