Adolescents Russian Spider Dump CD

A covers album, basically of songs that Tony (singer and original) really liked back in the day, and still likes now. Most of ’em are from the West Coast (including Canada’s SUBHUMANS, of course!) and from the late ’70s/’80s. Pretty much all the songs sound great, with modern production and playing. Though not sure the world really needs yet another iteration of “Fuck You” or the DILS’ “Class War,” but then again, mebbe there can’t be enough of either sentiment. I think the DICKIES’ “Just Say Yes” was improved immeasurably by this iteration, and it’s great to hear TOXIC REASONS again. HUMPERS, GERMS, F-WORD, REDD KROSS, SIMPLETONES, the MIDDLE CLASS, the DRAGONS and the FLYBOYS also get a good doing, too.

Adolescents Brats in Battalions LP

It’s hard to follow up on a debut LP, never mind one that’s generally considered one of the punk rock “classics,” even if six years have gone by. But the revived (and revised) ADS do a pretty decent job — at least they still sound like the ADOLESCENTS, with tuneful songs, classic guitar and vocals. They even throw in a few oldies (“Welcome to Reality” and “Losing Battle”), a few covers (“House of the Rising Sun,” “I Got a Right”). Very recognizable, but only time will tell whether it measures up.