Adrenalin OD


Adrenalin OD Humungousfungusamongus LP

The funniest thrash band from New Jersey have cooked up a sheer fireball of a second LP. Some of these tunes rip so fast I thought I was listening to some foreign release — couldn’t really make out the words, y’see. My only trouble is deciding which is funnier, the “traditional” song “Surfin’ Jew” or the blazin’ cover of the Masterpiece Theatre theme.

Adrenalin OD A Nice Song in the Key of ”D” / Return to Beneath the Planet of Adrenalin OD vs. Godzilla Strikes Again, in 3-D 7″

The A-side will bring a smile to your face—a great, ripping punk song, more melodic than their previous material yet still powerful. The flip builds from power crunch to absolutely raging thrash. Great.

Adrenalin OD / Bedlam split EP

Originally planned as a live flexi (rejected by Eva-tone, monopolist flexi-pressers in the US, because of language), this limited edition comes out as a 7″ with no pic cover. The A.O.D. stuff shreds as always, including a thrash version of “We Will Rock You.” BEDLAM’s side is rawer, but still rips. Well worth sending for.

Adrenalin OD The Wacky Hi-Jinks of Adrenalin OD LP

These little imps from west of the swamplands have come up with a really dense, “live” two-guitar sound here. Recorded while the band was in their underwear, they still manage to thrash wildly, humorously, and sarcastically. In the process, they prove without a doubt that there are more great items than pizza in the Garden State.

Adrenalin OD Let’s Barbeque EP

Excellent standard thrash from Jersey. The mischievous lyrics and ultra-dense guitar whoosh really set this EP apart. “Status Symbol” is all-around great, and “Trans Am” is a hilarious put-down of the spoiled rich brats who go cruisin’ in their shitty gas guzzlers. I’m definitely looking forward to their next barbeque.