Agression Recorded Live at the Underground Railroad EP

Sounding much like a rockin’ DOA, this particular live performance is AGGRESSION is decent, though a bit disjointed at times. Guess I’m not one for most live recordings unless incredibly magic moments are caught, and in this case it’s just an average performance.

Agression Agression LP

This band’s long-awaited record release is here, but maybe arriving just a little too late! Bad average AGRESSION music that never really holds itself together. Heavy on the ’70s rock influence with several metal riffs that add to this record’s boredom. Not too much be happening here, but I wonder if you can still skate to it.

Agression Don’t Be Mistaken LP

Older-style punk, aggressively done with inflections of thrash, Oi, and metal to break the overall medium-tempo feel. The vocals are literally spit out, and the high quality production gives the power chording a PISTOLS quality.