Akutt Innleggelse


Akutt Innleggelse Echos From the Asylum EP

A raw, mid-tempo three-track EP from Norway. On their first vinyl release, AKUTT INNLEGGELSE displays a primitive, amateurish punk attack. It kind of slouches along without noteworthy choruses, but the lyrics are good and the guitar lead in “Superstjerne” is awkward enough to be really cool.

Akutt Innleggelse SÁ¸ppel cassette

This young Norwegian band originally intended to put out an EP, but they weren’t completely satisfied with it. Here, they sound fine to me. The vocals and guitar kick, and the rhythm ain’t bad either. AKUTT INNLEGGELSE will soon become one of the many startlingly hot Scandinavian groups, in my opinion.