Angry Red Planet


Angry Red Planet Little Pigs, Little Pigs LP

ANGRY RED PLANET has developed their own unique and accessible punk style, passionate and full of immediacy, and this LP is dynamite when it connects. “Mediocrity” and “Pasturetime”, in particular, show off this hand at their best, but even the less memorable cuts tend to grow on you. Very good!

Angry Red Planet Gawkers Paradise EP

While their debut EP borrowed more heavily from early punk and basic thrash, this follow-up has ANGRY RED PLANET joining the burgeoning ranks of “early HÜSKER DÜ”-sounding hands. Actually, they also sound like latter-day HÜSKERS, with Bob Mould-type guitar and much poppier tunes.

Angry Red Planet Too Much Knowledge Can Be Dangerous EP

An uncommonly intelligent garage-flavored EP by a new Michigan band. “Apathy” and “Going Nowhere Slow” are loud, mid-tempo garage punk cuts; “You’re One Too” is a chunky semi-thrasher with outstanding lyrics; and “Mummy From Hollywood” is a fast blast with an unbelievably catchy chorus that gives anti-Reagan sentiments a new “wrinkle.” Highly recommended.