Antagonizör DCxPC Live & Dead, Vol. 4 LP

I previously reviewed a cassette from this all-female, politically charged metalpunk trio from Gainesville, Florida—on this tape, we find a live side and a studio recording that repeats all of the same tracks except one. The live section got my attention this time, including interaction with the audience that highlighted catharsis and spilling anger Lemmy’s way. MOTÖRHEAD traces are still there, plus a politically charged ranting with compromised lyrics exuding attitude.

Antagonizör Heavy Metal Bootlicker cassette

Charged metal punk’n’roll from this all-female chaos trio from Gainesville, Florida, delivering leftist songs fueled by fire. Suggested tracks: “Pearl Clutcher” and “Heavy Metal Bootlicker,” exuding the feeling of sounds from another era; special mention to “Ammunition” for being so clear about gun policies, like open carry and such. Nice metalpunk full of catharsis and the spillage of anger, with soft remembrances of the everlasting MOTÖRHEAD vibe but in another trance and with newer sounds. Politically-charged hardcore-meets-metal with charged lyrics and vocal work at the front, plus thick bass lines.