Antler Joe and the Accidents


Antler Joe and the Accidents Go Commercial! EP reissue

This is killer. Minds much sharper than I dredged through the Florida muck to find the surviving sickos from this band to re-release their one and only attempt at stardom. It’s probably a Killed By Death favorite up there with EBENEZER AND THE BLUDGEONS or ED NASTY AND THE DOPEDS, which means small-town punkers playing ’70s punk a little late in the game. In this case, really late, as in 1981. I’m sure no one was listening when the masterwork known as “Bullshit” first made ears ring way back when. They most likely sat puzzled by lyrical mastery such as “I sit here this whole day / Trying to think of what to say, / No one listens anyway / It’s all dogshit” spewed forth at some weird party. “Words” ain’t no slouch either, but “Who Needs a Woman Like You” makes the blunder of including saxophone?! Ugh. Well you can’t win ’em all, but you can one day see your youthful mishaps displayed on public view in your golden years. Buy this and pray you’re next.