Appäratus / Overcharge Massa-skitsofrenia / The Aftershock split EP

Two unapologetic bands join forces to make the world a bit more fun. Malaysia’s greatest punk export, APÄRATTUS, delivers yet another vicious raw hardcore attack in a ANTI-CIMEX meets DOOM mash of noise. Italian motörcharged punks OVERCHARGE slam on the gas with their jams on an ANTI-CIMEX meets MOTÖRHEAD route. I can only guess that both these bands really clicked on their love for the Scandinavian Jawbreakers and decided to immortalize it on a record. A split made for the open road and the smell of gasoline.

Appäratus Absürd 19 LP

Worship mode on full blast, disguised as a Scandinavian ripper. APPÄRATUS hails from Malaysia although the music is homage heavy enough that it could be from anywhere. If anything, this is the central challenge of getting into this record; everything is in its place—mastered to crawl out of the speakers, riffs at a wall breaker pace, mercilessly pounding beats, great production and excellent delivery—yet it is only occasionally more than a plastic definition of raw D-beat mangel. I can see them being hyped to play these songs live, and there is no doubt that they are mad angry at the world (and I highly appreciate the “fuck it, we like this” attitude behind putting two cover songs, D.T.A.L. and D.N.A., on the LP) but I miss the madness. Without madness it’s just exercise. Danger makes punk great but here the only danger is whether they are able to perform what is supposed to be D-beat. Yes, they can play it, but greatness is not supposed to happen, it just does and then carelessly creates something new. In case you are not looking for a reinvention of the genre but rather a new addition to the roster of reliables, then Absürd 19 is a safe pick.