Arsenico Reign of Fear EP

This recording takes me back a little, just enough to feel nostalgic, although I would struggle to pinpoint the cause of this slight but nonetheless real melancholia. It could be because ARSENICO’s style reminds me of the ’00s, a pivotal time for yours truly, back when things felt fresher and receding hairlines were just a distant, albeit dreadful, prospect. This lot come from Sydney and appear to be a new up-and-coming band, as Reign of Death is their first record, and I must say that it does not quite go the distance. Clearly, judging from the title of the songs like “Forced Motherhood” or “White Fears,” the band has something of value to say and deliver, but overall the recording lacks in power and focus. I understand that ARSENICO wants to go for that anarcho crust/thrash vibe (I am reminded of CLUSTERFUX or WORDS THAT BURN or even APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT), and there are moments, especially when they vigorously beat the D, when it works, and some of the moshing thrash parts are pretty energetic. The dual vocals, however, sound a bit monotonous by the end of the EP, and with the lyrics being quite long, this is not something that you want. This said, I do believe there is some potential, and ARSENICO definitely sounds like they believe in what they do, which is what matters.