Asmonumentsfall This Means Fire 12″

The latest release from Tijuana/San Diego’s ASMONUMENTSFALL, with crust scene veterans from OUTLAW BASTARDS and COACCION. In contrast to their previous straighter crustcore approach from previous projects, this record consists of the melodic side of the genre, in the vein of HIS HERO IS GONE/TRAGEDY or early-era ENVY, with the basis of later ANTI-CIMEX/WOLFBRIGADE. Despite the slippery slope approach of this style easily becoming too focused on the prettier and beautiful side of things, This Means Fire successfully captures the complex feeling of despair and anger without forgetting the aggression-driven side of hardcore punk; we still have plenty to be angry about. Fierce energy, not just in a naive teenage angst way nor just simply accepting the fact of our cruel world, but realizing our need to continue to keep up the fight.