Ataque Zero


Ataque Zero Ciudades 12″

Raw and riveting, ATAQUE ZERO delivers high-energy punk anthems! ATAQUE ZERO’s latest EP Ciudades showcases the band’s diverse influences and solidifies their unique sound. Hailing from different countries and with connections to renowned bands in the scene like MURO or EXILIO, plus being tied to the cultural hub Rat Trap, they bring a fresh perspective to their music that is reminiscent of classic punk and hardcore bands like HÜSKER DÜ and LEATHERFACE, or even STIFF LITTLE FINGERS. Their background in punk adds another layer to their dynamic sound, setting them apart in the punk scene.

Ataque Zero Ataque Zero 12″

Unrelenting five-track debut from Bogota, Columbia’s ATAQUE ZERO. Bass lines build to ride cymbal-clattering choruses, with Luis’ shouted vocals barely taking a rest throughout the entire EP. This project is part of the autonomous cultural center, Rat Trap, in Bogota, that features DIY artists and musicians. Limited copies going quick!