Attaktix / Stranguliatorius split LP

How often do you get the chance to review a split record between two bands from Vilnius? In fact, depending on how attentive you were during geography class, you may even have to quickly check Wikipedia just to be sure. I don’t know much about the current Lithuanian DIY punk scene, but I am always eager to learn in order to shine at dinner parties, so this split LP comes properly handy. I am usually a little scared upon reading the “grind” tag when it comes to bands’ descriptions, because I am not exactly a grindcore lover, especially if it gets technical, but ATTAKTIX is really good. I was a little skeptical at first hearing the blastbeat moments, but in the end, I think it does not distract because they are not overwhelming. If the grindcore influence is obvious (even in terms of production), ATTAKTIX resides on the metallic käng side of the river. They are heavy with a perfect guitar tone, really tight but still very much hardcore punk which makes them sound wild and angry. I am reminded of the potent, relentless vibe of bands like DRILLER KILLER or WOLFPACK, with added blastbeats and a CELTIC FROST influence in terms of grooviness and vocals, not unlike what AKRASIA is up to. The last song, eerier, is brilliant. It’s a win for me. I must confess that I was afraid STRANGULIATORIUS would be totally out of my comfort zone, but I enjoyed their five songs, even though I suck at death metal. Again (and thank fuck for this), the band does not sound all technical and remains on the punk side, although they undeniably belong to the old school death metal category. They sound primitive and filthy and almost grave-like enough to appeal to lovers of metallic crust like myself, with their dirty guitar sound and gruff, guttural vocals. I can picture STRANGULIATORIUS sharing the stage with TERMINAL FILTH or CANCER SPREADING and definitely making sense. Overall, this is a pretty strong record that can be played in a festive environment, especially if you never want to get invited to your in-laws’ again. Recommended.

Attaktix Contra Order cassette

Absolutely massive release from Lithuania!! Everything you love about ’00s Swedish kÁ¥ng with gratuitous doses of blast brutality and an ear for churning sludge. ATTAKTIX have harnessed all of this and created a fucking monster—unabashed devastation from the Baltics, hell yeah.