Bad Brains


Bad Brains I Against I LP

The original line-up is here, but the sound is quite subdued these days. There are one or two thrashers (even those are not the ravers of times gone past), while the rest of the songs are strongly based on various forms of ’70’s rock, most of which don’t really excite.

Bad Brains Rock for Light LP

The tracks on this album exemplify the BAD BRAINS’ unique blend of reggae and metal-embellished hardcore. Ric Ocasek’s excellent production works especially well on the thrashers by underlining some of their complex arrangements and superb musicianship, and even though a fair proportion of this material has been released previously, it’s difficult to ignore memorable blasts like “Fearless Vampire Killers” and “How Low Can a Punk Get?” Solid and powerful.

Bad Brains I and I Survive / Destroy Babylon 12″

Like their Alternative Tentacles 12″, this new EP has three metal thrash attacks on one side and a reggae composition on the other. The outstanding punk cut is the blistering “Joshua’s Song,” and the BRAINS are finally improving their previously poor reggae style. Politically, this record reveals the typical Rasta mixture of progressive (opposition to the Establishment) and reactionary (repressive religiousity) values.