Bad Weed


Bad Weed II LP

I’ve got to admit that I’m not a fan of the band name. I was expecting some sort of funny punk thing. The name aside, this record is impressive. It’s super catchy and super poppy. Some tracks have a power pop feel from the late ’70s or early ’80s, while others seem to capture the spirit of the Subway sound, a sound that I remain a fan of. It’s jangly and the vocals are very bouncy, creating a sort of carefreeness, yet remains somewhat somber. This thing is excellent from start to finish. From Austria, if that’s an important detail to you.

Bad Weed Bad Weed LP

The tracks on this album zip right by, dropping insistent little riffs, guitar licks, and melodic earworms along the way. Jangly, garage-y power pop that sits (sonically and vocally) in the same territory as FM KNIVES or the first GENTLEMEN JESSE & HIS MEN LP—and if you remember what delicious little rippers those albums were, you’ll want to score yourself some BAD WEED A-S-A-friggin-P, matey.