Barren? Distracted to Death… Diverted From Reality LP

I was really attracted to this LP because of the art, and I was right—hardcore punk with a really obscure feeling. I really enjoyed this record til the end, and the last song “Violence for Peace” was, for me, the perfect song to close, maybe my favourite track from this album. They totally remind me of a lot of things I like in anarcho-punk bands.

Alarm / Barren? / Douche Froide / Litovsk split 12″

Super gritty four-banger split from some newish, downbeat French punks. ALARM has dueling guitars and a great drum and bass bridge; BARREN? sings a bleak poem entitled “Illusion” (“You can wave goodbye to your hopes and dreams”); DOUCHE FROIDE is bass-forward with angelic vocals; LITOVSK is big, glassy guitar riffs and a jangling bass. I like that all of these songs are in the four-to-five minute range, as it gives you more to chew over. Though not all on these labels, each band’s got a previous record or two worth checking out.