Beefeater House Burning Down LP

A fine, star-studded, post-mortem release, rich with vocal and instrumental interludes, the classic dissonant balls-out rockin’ and the words…are inspirational. It’s a composition that’s well conceived, executed, and received. Too bad it’s the last.

Beefeater Need a Job 12″

Sadly, this may be the last record we see by this great DC band: it appears they too have split due to personnel changes. BEEFEATER was never a cliché normal thrash band and they proved it once again with the 12″ with hard-hitting, really thought-out lyrics that stand out. Some of the songs have an experimental feel. But it’s the title track that rocks the best. They’re missed already by me.

Beefeater Plays for Lovers LP

A band made up of musicians who know their instruments and how to make them create a new sound. Influences include funk, blues, and thrash. The vocals are rough, emotional, and from the heart! By far the most experimental band coming from Dischord, but it’s an album that definitely grows on you. Recommended.