Belfegore Belfegore LP / Belfegore in Roma 7″

Why these two platters in tandem? Because they graphically reflect before and after. Now that some A&R man has taken them under his wing and has sent them out on the road with HANOI ROCKS, will things ever be the same? They have some fuckin’ killer platters like this 7″, but their LP pales by comparison; it’s still up front and to-the-point, but they lost me when they started singing in English.

Belfegore Belfegore 12″

Big production showcases an awesome range of style. Ethereal, enigmatic, and all the while defying an adequate label. Without the “follow-the-leader” instincts of the Yanks and the trendy posturing of the Limeys, many a Kraut combo is finding its way into my heart. BELFEGORE is numero uno, so check this one out, pongos.