Beyond Description


Beton / Beyond Description split EP

The first side of this EP has Slovakia’s BETON blasting out some wild D-beat/death metal, sounding like it was recorded in a sewer tunnel. Although they have a wall-of-sound thing going on, the drums clacked away clearly. “Safari” was the most interesting musically, as it seemed to have something sounding like a banjo in the mix, and by the end of the song, the guitars sounded like a foghorn, but in a good way. On the flipside, Japan’s BEYOND DESCRIPTION serves up their brand of crusty hardcore. I don’t know what they were yelling about, but the unrelenting speed and aggression are legit. Very powerful.

Beton / Beyond Description split EP

Two bands that at first glance have nothing to do with each other, but does it even matter?  Slovakian deathbeat machine BETON opens this split with their terrifying brand of death metal punk assault—think DISMEMBER, but with a punkier edge. Crude and moldy, just like old-school Scandinavian death metal, and there is even a banjo solo on the second song (take that, TAAKE!). Japanese crusty legends BEYOND DESCRIPTION, who have been around since 1988, deliver two hardcore songs in the fashion of GAUZE. Fast and energetic, bringing to mind the good old crossover days. Splits don’t always have to make “sense,” as they offer new listeners a chance to discover or enjoy two bands at the same time.

Beyond Description Calm Loving Life / Live in Germany CD

There was a time when you just had to see the name BEYOND DESCRIPTION and you knew that uncompromising Japanese crust was in your near future. And you were pumped. These recordings are more than 20 years old at this point…and I’m (still) pumped. Tokyo’s BEYOND DESCRIPTION delivers brutally fast political HC/crust, and time has done nothing to make 1997’s Calm Loving Life session sound any less intense. The three cuts from the Live in Germany 5″ however….holy shit, these dudes are absolutely insane live. Just pure speed and relentless hardcore, two things I could use a bit more of in my life.