Bill of Rights


Bill of Rights Surf, Skate, Ski, and Skank cassette

This reminds me of early raw, mid-tempo punk mixed with traditional garage rock ’n’ roll. The second side does offer a faster speed with most of the songs, but still…well, it’s been done before. The band does rip on the surf tunes, which makes this tape more exciting. Overall, not too bad.

Bill of Rights Meltdown ’85 EP

Bone-crunching punk (without being metal), these guys deliver intelligent lyrics to boot. This, their second 7″, is produced by Dave Gregg of DOA, and there are some slight similarities in their punk “rock” approach. Powerful.

Bill of Rights No Rights, No Chance EP

A good debut effort by a new Vancouver band. Not surprisingly (coming from D.O.A. land), they have a chunky, older-style punk attack and an extremely basic approach. “Decide” is an especially fine number with a chorus that sticks; the other cuts are less memorable.