Billy Bragg


Billy Bragg Life’s a Riot / Between the Wars LP

Again, Mr. BRAGG returns with more of his biting social commentaries set to punky folkish music. Whether the themes are overtly political (like the cover of “What Side Are You On”) or more personal (like “Richard”), the lyrics will delight, and unless you demand the full sound of a traditional band, you’ll probably find the music stimulating, too.

Billy Bragg Brewing Up With Billy Bragg LP

The punkest record I’ve heard in a while, and it’s not even “punk rock.” Englishman BILLY BRAGG is heir apparent of the great PATRICK FITZGERALD (of “Safety Pin Stuck in My Heart” fame) in that he too mixes biting social and political commentaries with a heartfelt solo guitar-vocal performance. The edge and spontaneous communication characteristic of his live show are inevitably diminished on vinyl, but the integrity shines through. Folk punk at its best.