Bl’ast! It’s in My Blood! LP

A pretty bleak picture painted here. On one hand, BL’AST demands we not be led, that we awaken and fight, yet on the other hand they inform us they’re withdrawing into solely self-oriented gratification. Hmmm. The music is in the FLAG-rhythm hardcore we’ve come to know, tight and powerful lurching stuff.

Bl’ast! School’s Out EP

I’ve always liked BL’AST for doggedly keeping the BLACK FLAG sound alive, but unfortunately, their first release is one of the wimpiest, lamest covers I’ve heard in quite some time — like some stupid rock band down the street covering the ALICE COOPER classic. The two songs on the flip capture that classic My War grunge mix of blues and thrash.

Bl’ast! The Power of Expression LP

In their early days they were M.A.D. (see Not So Quiet comp) and were a raging thrash band Á  la BLACK FLAG of ’82. Then BLACK FLAG and SSD changed to a “heavier” sound, and so did these guys (now BL’AST!), only they hung to it. This LP captures that “power” hardcore sound well, combined with angry, yet positive lyrics, and even a few thrashers thrown in. A strong release.