Blyth Power


Blyth Power Wicked Women, Wicked Men and Wicket Keepers LP

On their debut LP, this band gathers together a very consistent clutch of pop-punk tunes, all of which meld Scottish vocal motifs, catchy power chord progressions, good melodies, and interesting lyrics. BLYTH POWER has a unique sound exploited well here. A solid LP.

Blyth Power Junction Signal 12″

This is just as good as the British pop we all used to love before hardcore became fashionable. Three superior guitar-pop ditties are here: the distinctive lyrics, delightful hooks, and unusual, almost archaic arrangements are clearly done with care. Even better than their fine debut release; the track “Sordid Tales,” with its surfy guitar, is especially appealing.

Blyth Power Chevy Chase 12″

This unusual release features ex-MOB members in songs which, in three of four cases, exploit a medieval flavor with a punk energy. Surprisingly, the gamble works—though I also enjoyed the pop punky style of this EP’s only rocker, “God Has Gone Wrong Again.” A good record that will grow on you.