Brody and the Grodies


Brody and the Grodies Brody and the Grodies Went to the Bar So This Half-Finished Record is All That You Ge CD

One of those bands that purposely tries to sound like shit and is proud of it, except BRODY AND THE GRODIES don’t really sound like shit. They’re just kind of boring and corny. Seven drum-machine-driven punk songs with topics ranging from beer, coffee, Bigfoot, beer, and meat. Wait, did I mention beer? The album is topped off with a five-minute sketch that sounds like it came from an old ICP demo tape. You can tell they had fun recording this, which is really the best thing I can say about this whole ordeal. You’d be better off listening to FOSSIL FUEL or one of the other hundreds of FOOD FORTUNATA-related projects out there.

Brody and the Grodies / The Minor Inconveniences A Grody & Inconvenient Split cassette

Pairing a Connecticut one-man band with a campy garage quartet from Seattle, this tape showcases two types of homespun punk action. The MINOR INCONVENIENCES is a gentleman by the name of Zach Fontanez playing bass, guitar, and vocals on some digital drum-assisted hardcore punk tunes with a ’90s type of lean. He follows two solid tunes that ride the line between melodic and maniacal with a cover of POISON IDEA’s “It’s An Action” that’s equipped with a razor guitar sound that’s pretty sweet. BRODY AND THE GRODIES come next with “Who Drank All the Beer,” a goofy-ass stomper with an intentionally obtuse attitude à la PERSONAL AND THE PIZZAS. They continue the juvenile party rockin’ with their band theme before wrapping it up with a SUPERCHARGER cover that’s somehow even more “budget” than the original. Good, clean punk.