Broken Bones


Broken Bones F.O.A.D. LP

Can’t read the lyrics sheet — it’s kind of black and red print, not synchronized. It does say “UKHC” in several places, does have a song called “Best of Both Worlds,” but after hearing it and seeing the cover, it should be called “UKHM” …and I understand why the lyrics don’t matter.

Broken Bones Never Say Die 12″

Three more metallish hardcore tunes, the title track plus “10, 5 or a Dime” and “Gotta Get Out of Here”. The latter is the hottest except for the little guitar flourishes. Guess they’re good at what they do.

Broken Bones Bonecrusher LP

Side one is the better recorded of the sides, with a mighty driving bass clearing all obstacles, leading the way for non-stop metalish thrash. Lyrics remain in the doom-and-gloom mold, but appropriate for the music. Lots of power.

Broken Bones Live 100 Club LP

There’s some really hot-sounding material on this live recording—lots of excitement and energy. But the recording is such that it renders a lot of that power defused, not unlike many bootlegs. For fans.

Broken Bones Dem Bones LP

BROKEN BONES manages the British metal-punk sound more effectively than most of their peers, but many of these compositions blend into one another, much like recent GBH material. “Big Hard Man,” “Terrorist Attack,” and the humorous “Dem Bones” qualify as solid hardcore, yet the repetitious song structures and guitar solos detract from this record’s overall charm.

Broken Bones Crucifix EP

Every song on BROKEN BONES’ second 7″ is a pile-driving metallic thrash cut with good vocal and instrumental hooks. In retrospect, it’s clear that Bones played a major role in DISCHARGE’s early greatness, and if he can control his tendency to do too much guitar wanking, his new band should overwhelm the current incarnation of DISCHARGE.

Broken Bones Decapitated EP

This scion from the DISCHARGE family tree performs highly metallic, fast-tempo hardcore with considerable abandon, and provides some moments of blistering intensity. Aside from the tasty bass guitar licks on “Problem,” however, the three songs on this EP owe a great deal more to strong production than distinctive songwriting. BROKEN BONES fail to innovate with this release.