Camper Van Beethoven


Camper Van Beethoven II & III LP

This band gets even more eclectic, excessive, and mellow on this second LP. They do have some great melodies, goofy lyrics, a variety of instruments and styles: blues, country, folk, etc. They also have some dull moments. Fans will definitely rejoice; hardcore fans veer the other way.

Camper Van Beethoven Telephone Free Landslide Victory LP

Eclectic really is an understatement; these guys go everything from ska to dirge to VENTURES-inspired instrumentals. There’s even a tongue-in-cheek hippie version of BLACK FLAG’s “Wasted.” This one’s not going to be easy to figure out, but it might just challenge you a little.

Camper Van Beethoven Camper Van Beethoven cassette

This unlikely effort incorporates elements of garage pop and ska, combined with a satirical punk attitude; the result is subtly entertaining. While CVB could increase their energy level a bit, the band’s intelligence and offbeat humor come through in tracks like “Lassie” and “Take the Skinheads Bowling.” Pleasant.