Catch As Catch Can


Catch As Catch Can Garst / Won’t Deny 7″

Here’s a previously unreleased 2016 recording by this German garage punk outfit that’s been at it for a few years. On “Garst,” distorted vocals, ’60s organ pulses, bouncy beats, and surfy guitars all meld together to form a rough yet groovy number that’ll make you wanna scream and do the pony. “Won’t Deny” is in a more psych vein, while not getting too trippy, and staying in the surf / garage vein. A one-sided, yellow vinyl 7″ with a riso print cover that’s worth checking out.

Catch As Catch Can Regular Vanilla LP

As soon as this started, Burger Records odors took over all of my senses. I was shocked that this wasn’t a new release from that label just due to the poppy, bubblegum garage vibrations being excreted by my speaker. Then I read that the cassette release will be coming out there, and all made sense in the world. This is four dudes from Germany who love them some garage pop saturated with oooooohs, ahhhhhhs, and jingly-jangly guitars. “Age of Coming” is a good pick if you want to anticipate a live sing-along, and “Pickle-Brine Chicken” is a real danceable jam about the culinary arts. These dudes have not reinvented any wheels, but this record is seeping with love of the genre.