Chron Gen


Chron Gen Outlaw EP

CHRON GEN’s polished ’77-style pop-punk may not be very exciting to listen to, but their emphasis on accessibility and politically astute lyrics make this EP an above-average one. “Outlaw” draws an especially convincing point on fashion vs. content in contemporary punk, while “Behind Closed Doors” addresses the subject of abortion somewhat ambiguously.

Chron Gen Chronic Generation LP

CHRON GEN’s debut album derives most of its influences from CHELSEA circa ’78, though without as many of the catchy melodies to depend on. Originals like “Reality,” “Chronic Generation,” and “Mindless” are the class offerings here, but it’s odd that all of these appear on past singles. Nonetheless, the bonus free live EP is excellent, hinting at the excitement of their tight, powerful live performances.

Chron Gen Jet Boy, Jet Girl EP

Super lame. Boring songs, weak guitar, and a general lack of imagination make this a waste of vinyl. CHRON GEN were much better on their debut EP, before they allowed themselves to be overproduced. Live and learn.