Circle Jerks


Circle Jerks Group Sex LP reissue

The classic first album by this legendary Southern California band gets a fancy reissue on new label Trust Records. It’s been remastered and includes a 12″x12″ booklet full of photos, flyers, and anecdotes by a plethora of well-known fans and contemporaries. In addition to the original tracks, this new version also includes five bonus rehearsal demos taken from a boombox recording. In all honesty, these tracks, while cool, are not necessary and probably should have been left off this LP and instead been released on a bonus 7″, as they kinda throw off the listening experience of this record. All in all, if you’ve got the loot to spend and don’t already own a copy of Group Sex or if your copy is need of an upgrade, if I were you I’d spring for this version. (I believe that Frontier still keeps this album in print.)

Circle Jerks Wönderful LP

While musically tight and strong, and despite Keith’s continued strong singing in the face of numerous physical injuries, this LP doesn’t really kill. The JERKS may never approach the heights of that first LP (a tough standard to beat), but they’ll keep at it, on the road and on vinyl. Decent.

Circle Jerks Golden Shower of Hits LP

Live, the C.J.’s are fast, powerful, and immensely entertaining, but they’ve had difficulties capturing those qualities on their recent vinyl offerings. This new album ranks somewhere between their great debut and its so-so follow-up, Wild in the Streets. Here, the songs range from vintage JERKS—short, tuneful blasts like “In Your Eyes” and “Coup d’Etat”—to boring mid-tempo rockish numbers (like “When the Shit Hits the Fan” and “Rats of Reality”) that seem to be aimed at a crossover hard rock/heavy metal audience. But despite their confused lyrics and lame business practices, these guys always manage to produce some amazingly catchy material.