Close Encounter


Billy Batts and the Made Men / Close Encounter No One Knows About the Secret Potato split EP

Hey, April Fool’s! Hahaha…oh shit, this is real. If you’re misty-eyed for the glory days of AVRIL LAVIGNE or SUM 41, look no further than CLOSE ENCOUNTER to fill your soul with some non-edgy, mediocre pop punk. Maybe this shit flies at the mall in suburban South Carolina, but to these ears, it’s weak like a warm Slurpee. Atlanta’s BILLY BATTS ain’t much better, with an almost identical vocal attack that simply makes them a punker version of the previous band. I’ll put them up a notch in punk points to an almost QUEERS or DESCENDENTS category, but man, I’ve always hated the DESCENDENTS. They all look real young and I’ll give it to them for getting out there and doing something, but that’s about it. No more, please.