Cluster Bomb Unit


Cluster Bomb Unit Abgesang LP

D-beat raw crust stalwarts CLUSTER BOMB UNIT return with a new LP, after churning out distorted chaos since the late ’80s. I have a few records by CLUSTER BOMB UNIT, including a 10” and some EPs, but I think this is the first full-length I’ve listened to by them. Anyway, I was not familiar with their new vocalist Julia, and they kill it. At one point on the opening track, their vocal harshness blends seamlessly into a bombarding guitar solo. This happened a few times on the album—vocals melding into and sounding like a screeching guitar. This EP sounds eerie and off-kilter. The snare is high and tight, almost like CRASS, while the strings buzz à la CONFUSE. The overall tempo is like meets KURO and STATE OF FEAR. Grim riffs and singed solos, as you’d come to expect. This return LP stands out with primitive flair; slight stumbles and organic flowing make it punker than ever. Raw clamor and a grumbling Dis-onslaught with some hits of prog noise between the verses. Fifteen tracks of ear-melting punk racket. For fans of LEBENDEN TOTEN and CLUSTER BOMB UNIT over the decades.