Combat 84


Combat 84 Send in the Marines LP

One side of studio and another of live cuts can be found on this typical-sounding British Oi release. Some of the studio material has previously appeared on 7″ EPs, but aside from the intriguing “Violence,” most of their medium-speed compositions leave a lot to be desired. The live side is particularly poor, and the lyrics on a number of cuts are backward. Buy at your own risk.

Combat 84 Rapist EP

Ugh! The title song urges capital punishment and stronger government action (to deal with rapists), whereas “The Right to Choose” accuses the C.N.D.—British peace organization—of facilitating a Communist takeover, supports the installation of American nuclear missiles, and appeals to people to honor the British Falklands casualties. This band backs up these amazingly reactionary views with fairly common Britskunk. Wanna buy my copy?