Consec Wheel of Pain LP

The new LP from Athens, Georgia’s CONSEC is twelve tracks of intense, high-energy, noisy hardcore punk fury similar to VOID, Cows and Beer-era DIE KRUEZEN, or Dirty Rotten-era D.R.I.. Pummeling drums and full-speed combustion of energetic controlled chaos. Despite all that, it still has well-crafted songwriting and a unique approach to riffs, making them more interesting than most of their contemporaries. The soundtrack to constant anger and frustration towards our society.

Consec Demo cassette

Killer lo-fi hardcore/punk from Athens, Georgia. CONCEC’s debut release clocks in at just over four minutes—very brief but very effective, taking no more time than is needed. The vocals are snotty and the instrumentation is riffy and intense. This rough-and-ready dose of HC shows off a lot of future potential and is a much recommended listen to anybody who likes their hardcore punk on the scrappier and primitive side.