Corker Falser Truths LP

Falser Truths explores the depths of post-punk while infusing it with highly experimental and genre-bending elements. The LP’s sonic palette is a tapestry of moody atmospheres, intricate guitar work, and emotive vocals. It’s evident that CORKER has honed their craft to perfection, as each track unfolds with a sense of purpose and artistic vision. What makes this LP stand out is the fearless approach to musical experimentation. This Cincinnati-based band is hard to describe but easy to listen to.

Corker A Bell That Seems To Mourn cassette

Future Shock seems to have its fingers set square on the pulse of the Cincinnati scene. A throbbing Cinci scene? Tis true—there has been a spate of excellent bands rising from the silt of the Ohio River basin, and CORKER is yet another winner dredged up and slapped onto tape. With a hat-tip to PERE UBU, the four songs here nod northward towards Columbus, recalling recent (NECROPOLIS) and current (DANA) practitioners of one of the Buckeye State’s signature musical exports—avant-garage. There’s a shade more UK post-punk being aired out on this EP than most Midwestern bands of this ilk, but CORKER manages to turn damp into dank.