Crucifix Dehumanization LP

Yeah! Non-stop killer thrash that burns everything in its path. These boys make good by putting most of their repertoire on one album, including remixes of their 1984 EP. The layers of sound and lyrics get more and more revealing after a few listens, and it includes a beautifully done CRASS-style fold-out sleeve. Don’t miss this one.

Crucifix 1984 EP

An unexpectedly strong release. CRUCIFIX may look like English punks, but they definitely have that American intensity. “Prejudice” and “Rise and Fall” are two songs played at thrash speed that are both powerful and distinctive. Real great stuff! “Steelcase Enclosure” is far less interesting, and Sothira’s wonderfully raspy vocals are mixed a bit too low, but this 7″ stands spikes and shoulders above their 12″ debut.