D.C. 3


D.C. 3 The Good Hex LP

I took a lot of grief for liking the first DC3 record, but it was OK because it had memorable hooks and riffs. But there isn’t much to defend here. They’re guilty of all the retro-rock behavior that people have been dumping on them. Too bad.

D.C. 3 This is the Dream LP

This is the new band formed by ex-BLACK FLAG singer Dez Cadena; it also includes the rhythm section from the STAINS and Paul Roessler of TWISTED ROOTS on keyboards. This is really Dez’s baby, as he really stretches out into his roots and experiments. No thrash—just a big power trio sound from the ’70s with fuzzed guitar, ethereal keyboards, and rapid time changes. For fans of BLUE ÖYSTER CULT, HAWKWIND, VAN DER GRAFF, and KING CRIMSON.