Damage Synthology LP

A good punk and thrash record with lots of zip, good lyrics, and that’s fun to listen to. But what makes these guys stand apart is that in the great tradition of the SCREAMERS and SUICIDE, they rely on synth. You’d never know it, though, as there’s no trace of wimpiness—just two hard-driving machines, drums, and vocals. Not to be confused with another fine band of the same name in New York, and another in Finland.

Damage Jay Walk EP

A different kind of thrash band, consisting of vocals, drums, and… lead synth and bass synth. Does it work? Almost. It’s an interesting change, but the power just isn’t there. Synth worked great in some early punk (SCREAMERS), because the tempo was slower and the power came across better. In this case, perhaps better equipment and recording would enhance their impact. Hope they keep experimenting.