Danbert Nobacon


Danbert Nobacon Bigger Than Jesus 7″

Two songs created by DANBERT of CHUMBAWAMBA that simply communicate an intelligent view of being male yet being a victim of needless, painful stereotypes and expectations. Instead of merely complaining, DANBERT offers several great insights and thoughts concerning the subject. The music is heavily folk-influenced with the main instrument being an acoustic guitar. A lot rougher than any BILLY BRAGG song yet just as capturing, but a little more honest.

Danbert Nobacon The Unfairy Tale LP

DANBERT NOBACON from CHUMBAWAMBA presents a collection of solo folk ditties here, performed in a style not unlike that of PATRIK FITZGERALD or an acoustic BILLY BRAGG. Most of the songs are quite catchy, but a certain monotony does set in after a few tunes. A fairly good record, though it would have been palatable as an EP.