Dead Years


Dead Years Night Thoughts LP

There seems to be no shortage of coldwave/post-punk/deathrock bands at the moment, and frankly, I love it. Go ahead and add Germany’s DEAD YEARS to the list. On Night Thoughts, they play a cool brand of post-punk, sometimes reminding me of a more propulsive HOME FRONT and sometimes reminding me of an Oi! band minus the saxophones and tough-guy gang vocals. Speaking of, the dual vocals are a nice touch and add some depth and nuance to the proceedings. I will say, the record is a little long for my taste, and some of the tunes do blend together about halfway through. This is no dealbreaker; in fact, it’s probably just my social-media-addled attention span that’s the problem. Anyways, the songwriting is solid, and on tracks like “Into the Dark” and “Mind Circle,” DEAD YEARS really take off.

Dead Years Dead Years LP

There’s something about this band that reminds me of a lot of different bands, but the weird thing is that none of the bands that they remind me of play the same style—that makes me super curious about them. They really make me wanna be on a roadtrip listening to them with my friends. I really liked this album, ‘cause every song leaves you with a different feeling, and I also think the vocals bring something really special to the songs.