Death of Samantha


Death of Samantha Laughing in the Face of a Dead Man 12″

Citing the SAINTS and TELEVISION among their influences, one can hear it a bit. But those groups, despite sometimes extended length songs, always made them memorable, whereas DOS seldom leave traces of tunes re-emerging through the mind rubble. Undelivered promise.

Death of Samantha Strungout on Jargon LP

DEATH OF SAMANTHA opts for a discordant and somewhat arty approach to mid-tempo DIY rock. That may be the problem; in presenting a style rather than ace songs, this band evades any real appeal for me. Good, hard guitar sound, though.

Death of Samantha Porn in the USA 7″

Although too many bands get compared to the BIRTHDAY PARTY/NICK CAVE these days, here you have to make that analogy again. There are these great, loopy, tribal rhythms and general trashiness that begs for the comparison. I like this record.