Decry Japanese LP

Another one bites the dust and bites it hard. Amazingly poor ’70s power rock much in the AEROSMITH vein. At times, the songs become comedy pieces with the “Oh, baby” and “Let’s rock” lines. One or two songs find their roots in early punk, but these still aren’t enough to help this drowning puppy.

Decry Falling LP

This is an excellent debut album that mixes and matches the best of the SoCal punk tradition. DECRY has that powerful, cleanly produced two-guitar attack and a knack for writing catchy melodies. Careful listeners will soon discern the musical influences of great bands like the ADOLESCENTS, THE CIRCLE JERKS, and M.I.A., and certain songs remind one of BLACK FLAG (“My Bloody Dream”) or the TOXIC REASONS (“Asylum”), but these guys are not mere borrowers.

Decry Symptoms of Hate EP

A proficient debut EP from this LA band. The lyrics are thoughtful, the production is good, and the delivery is fast, but they tend to reduce the songs to a formula by throwing in similar breaks and changes of tempo that confuse me. Although they show potential, it needs to be developed. Not bad.